Hunting in Bucovina


The Sport Hunting and Fishing Association “Black Brook” activates in the spectacular area of Voroneţ, in Bucovina, with the head office in the city of Gura Humorului, Suceava County.  It is founded on the principle of the free association of all sport hunters registered in its records; it is a legal entity of private law, apolitical, with private, distinct and indivisible patrimony, a non-profit association formed to promote and protect the rights of its members regarding the practice of sport hunting and fishing in the limits of the law.

The Association is founded under the Law no. 26/1976, currently operating under the Law no. 407/2006 and is constituted under G.O. no. 26/2000 on associations and foundations.


Hunting in Suceava


The Sport Hunting and Fishing Association “Black Brook”, manages two hunting domains with a total area of ​​16,418 hectares, including farmland and forest in the hill and mountain areas on which are found the following game species: red deer, roe deer, Russian boar, bear, grey wolf, lynx, wildcat, red fox, badger, marten, European polecat, brown hare, muskrat, mallard, grey partridge, hazel grouse, common quail, wood pigeon, stock pigeon, ring dove, thrush, woodcock.

The purpose of the association is the sustainable management of hunting and the exercise of the sport/recreational hunting, organizing and ensuring the appropriate hunting game conditions for its members, promoting their interests in the field, preparing and educating them to practice hunting and fishing correctly.