Foreign hunters

Hunting parties for foreign hunters

SHFA Black Brook organizes,  upon request, hunting parties for hunters from abroad, for the species presented on this site.

In order to hunt on the domain administrated by Black Brook SHFA is required to obtain a temporary hunting license issued by our association and the access of hunters with personal hunting equipment (weapons) in Romania is based on an invitation issued by our association.

To isuue the invitation the following personal informatiom listed below are necessary:

  1. Type form which presents the intention to take part in hunting parties organised by the Black Brook Association.
  2. Name and surname : ID card photocopy (passport or ID card)
  3. Address
  4. Passport series and number (photocopy)
  5. The type of the hunting weapon (serial number, manufacturer) and the ammunition quantity for each weapon
  6. The entry border and the exit border (for example: OtopeniAirport, Bors, etc)
  7. The dates of arrival and departure in/from the country
  8. The number of the gun permit (photocopy)
  9. The number of the Hunting member card (photocopy of the member card)
  10. Pre-paid insurance policy for accidents (paid in the country of origin) (photocopy of the valid hunting accident insurance policy)
  11. One hunter is allowed to bring two weapons and 50 cartriges per weapon
  12. Fax number/e-mail address to send the invitation.

Download Huntin Application

For additional information, please contact

Tel: 0040742005670